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DMA Yachting

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07015 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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Welcome to DMA Yachting

Welcome to DMA Yachting

Under the vision of Daniel & Martina Asmus, with years of sailing experience exploring the most untouched yachting destinations, DMA Yachting was born.

The mission: provide unique yacht charter vacations that are as memorable as they are relaxing.

We started out small, uniquely positioned to offer recommendations based on our experience. Working as professional crew for over 6 years, doing over 100 charter weeks, we gained extensive knowledge of the Pacific, Mediterranean & Caribbean Seas.

This not only allowed us to build and foster personal relationships with the crew but also provided a unique insight into chartering itineraries. The best secret anchorages, the finest beaches, the most interesting local bars, and the most wow-worthy snorkeling spots can only be discovered first-hand.

Now, DMA Yachting stands amongst the giants of the industry as a trusted name, a well-connected partner, and a global ambassador for luxury yachting holidays.

Our obsession with exceptional service and personalized holidays has earned us an outstanding reputation amongst our clients, one which we never take for granted.

Our organization is a living organism that continues to grow, improve and stay proactive, following the ever-changing standards of our global industry.

Our Team

Our team consists of people who truly love what they do—and it shows. Our brokers make the difference: they work hard to find the perfect vacation for each client, whether it’s an intimate experience for two or a big group of friends. With a customer-centric approach, we ensure that your every need is met, no matter where in the world you want to go or what kind of boat you want to cruise on.



Daniel Asmus

CEO, Owner, Charter Broker, Active CYBA Member

[email protected]

+34 678 368 304

+1 813 314 7947

Martina Asmus

Owner, Charter Broker, Active CYBA Member

[email protected]

+34 639 053 238

+1 321 250 5110

Yanna Pristas

Senior Charter Broker, Associate CYBA Member

[email protected]

+1 850 876 5440

Kerry Hucul-Cooper

Senior Charter Broker, VIPCA, IYBA, Active CYBA Member, BVI Travel Specialist

[email protected]

+1 863 450 1610

Chris de Kock

Charter Broker

[email protected]

+1 813 603 2460

Andrea Pristas

Charter Broker

[email protected]

+1 863 694 0737

Sarah Klische

Charter Broker

[email protected]

+1 617 917 3959

William Mc Nally

Charter Broker

[email protected]

+1 754 399 1350

Marcelle Hailwax

Charter Broker

[email protected]

+1 850 790 7370

Mo Pristas

Destination Specialist

[email protected]

+30 21 1198 3501